$5 Friday Night Happy Hour Yoga returns to Kai Yoga Studio

What makes Happy Hour Yoga 'Happy'?

The length of time: 1 hour

The Cost: $5 (all proceeds will benefit the adopted Fairborn Family during the Christmas season

The teachers: Summer 2018 heralds a new beginning for Kai as we welcome 7 newly certified yoga teachers to our community. 

The 'yoga-style': Aerial? Yin? Vinyasa Flow? Meditation? Pranayama (breath-work)? YES! With a Happy Hour yoga session, you just never know what style will be presented.

What else? It is Yoga-as-you-are classes. Come and do what you can do, and don't worry about what you aren't able to do. It might be uncomfortable, but hey — it's only ONE hour of your life, only 5 bucks (which ALL the money goes to a deserving family during the Christmas season), and you're helping a budding yoga teacher. Seriously, Win-Win for us all.

How do I sign up?

Go to our schedule and sign up individually or purchase a Happy Hour 7 class package deal (yes, click this link).