Alex Keller

While substitute teaching a yoga class at Wright State, the instructor offered me a job to teach yoga stating that “I look like I knew what I am doing.” After completing my first yoga teacher training, I began teaching regularly and haven’t stopped since. 

Before Yoga

I thought yoga was only physical. When I started, my motivation was to feel physically good. Early on, I didn’t realize that there was so much more to yoga than just the poses. 

It Centers Me

Yoga keeps me in check. There are so many distractions in my life: school, family, friends, career... what am I doing with my life? Yoga always brings me back to the path of self-love and non-attachment. It’s weird to think that a practice can do that, but it’s something that takes time, practice, and the experience to understand.

Work in Progress

I have had several ups and downs with my yoga practice; it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but yoga doesn’t care about who I was or who I am becoming — it cares who I am right now on the mat. This non-judgment aspect of yoga has always inspired me to continue to practice because there are no expectations.


Julia Williams, a 60-something female, attended my yoga class at Wright State University and wanted to learn more. She found something good in her life. She has held on and dedicated herself not only to the physical practice but also to her meditation practice. I have had the blessing to watch her physical practice progress and grow beautifully. She is currently learning Ashtanga Yoga and she’s killing it. She’s my inspiration. 


  • Sonja Ostendorf

Trained Under

  • Doug Swenson, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Don Stapleton, Ranjani Powers


  • Masters of Public Health, May 2017

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology / Exercise Physiology

  • Registered Yoga Instructor 500hour, June 2015

  • Registered Yoga Instructor 200hours, Nosara Yoga Institute, June 2014

  • Personal Trainer, AFAA, October 2011

  • Pilates instructor, Power Pilates, May 2010

  • Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Instructor, ACA, May 2016, Barre instructor, NETA, July 2016, Zumba Certificate, January 2015, Level 1 Kayak Instructor, ACA, May 2014, CPR, Red Cross, Nov. 2016, oga mat level 1, YogaFit, April 2013, TRX Training, Wright State University, June 2012

Started Practicing Yoga in 2006

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