Greg Nardi Weekend

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June 9, 10 & 11, 2017

Friday, JUNE 9 — sunday, june 11

$215 Early Bird Bundle*
Early Bird ends May 29, 2017
Only 24 Early Bird Spots available

*BUNDLE includes 2 days of Mysore and ALL workshops

Mysore Practice


Included in the Bundle, or $65 Individually

All Mysore Sessions are only able to be purchased as a set of 2. They can not be purchased separately. 


Friday June 9

Essential Ashtanga

$50 per workshop when you purchase the Bundle ($65 Individually)

Through practice and discussion, in this workshop we will explore the interconnectedness of the whole body. This workshop is sophisticated enough for all level of practitioner to benefit. We will focus on awareness and understanding to find grace, rather than physical vigor. This will create the context for your effort in daily practice to bear the most fruit.

We will explore the relationship between the axial and appendicular skeleton, the muscles of respiration, and the movements of the spine to create a matrix that will help you understand how alignment, breath and movement harmonize to form the basis for vinyasa, the foundation of the ashtanga yoga practice.

Saturday June 10

Core, Jumping Back & Jumping Through

$50 per workshop when you purchase the Bundle($65 Individually)

We will explore how to utilize the full strength of the torso and bandhas to support our body weight. This will facilitate the smooth transition of energy necessary for graceful jump backs and jump throughs.  We will also explore the spine as a smooth chain for the rolling poses in the second half of primary series.


sunday june 11

Yoga Sutras

11:30am- 2:00pm

$50 per workshop when you purchase the Bundle ($65 Individually)

What is yoga really? This workshop is an exploration of the source text of Yoga. By looking at the philosophical context out of which yoga techniques have arisen, we can gain deep insight into the yogic search for meaning. This workshop will help you understand the traditional framework that inspires the ashtanga yoga practice. It will help you see how these practices can have a profound transformative effect in your daily life.