Janet Sweeney

At first, I wanted to teach to share the sense of peace that I find on the mat. This is still the case, but is evolving into sharing a sense of self-inquiry and self-care.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, I thought yoga was all about poses and strength. I’ve since learned that there are many disciplines and lineages, but most importantly, it’s about breath. Yoga helps me to be a better person; more caring, more thoughtful, more myself somehow. It could be magic; I don’t know.

It’s All Connected

Very much interested in Reiki and how it can be used while teaching; meditation and how it can benefit myself and others — anatomy because... it’s all connected. I have a developing interest in restorative yoga because everyone seems to need it.

Determination with a Smile

Just this year, I’ve been inspired by a young, barely 18-year-old girl who started coming to my Ashtanga class. She was born with malformed feet and has had, and continues to have, many surgeries to correct the abnormalities. This girl came to class on crutches with a cast on one foot and only did a seated practice. Together, we explored how to do various poses while seated — always with focus on breath. There was no sense of self-pity about her, only determination, attention, and inquiry. And always with a smile!


  • Kim Carter
  • Kathi Kizrnis
  • Greg Nardi
  • Taylor Hunt

Trained Under

  • Philip Urso
  • Matthew Darling
  • Doug Keller
  • Holly Clemens
  • David Keil


  • RYT 200, Practice Yoga
  • Certified Reiki level 2

Started Yoga Age 54