Janine Campbell



I went to my first ever yoga class in the early 2000’s when I was living in Lake Worth, Fla. After a day at the beach I saw a sign in front of a church offering free yoga. I’ve always had an interest in alternative health, and all things self-exploratory so I was curious. I went in with no mat, and no expectations and I fell in love right away. After that, I didn’t maintain a regular practice, but would randomly show up to classes in various locations over the next 10 years or so. When I was in my early 30’s I returned to yoga out of desperation. I was a mom of two, raising my kids alone, feeling isolated, and suffering silently from a hormonal imbalance and mild depression. I struggled with controlling my emotions and patience on most days, and majority of the time, my mood swings were directed at my two young children who undoubtedly deserved a mother who was mentally present, loving and nurturing instead of angry, negative and stressed.


When I committed to a regular practice I noticed changes very quickly. I was immediately welcomed at the studio and realized that the yoga community is full of love and support. During this time of personal isolation, yoga made me feel supported, wanted and welcomed. Physically I became healthier and my mood swings became much more tolerable and my stress was more manageable than it ever was. As my practice deepened, and I opened myself up to learning more about yoga, I became equipped with coping skills and tools that have helped immensely with stress management and stress relief. Through yoga I’ve learned that “bad days” are inevitable, but I have the power and personal responsibility to change my perspective.


I went to teacher training in 2014 to learn more about myself and deepen my own personal practice. I never had any intention of teaching originally but teaching yoga has become a natural progression of my own personal learning, and I gain a deeper understanding of yoga every time I teach a class. I feel a great deal of honor and gratitude that people allow me to lead them each week, and I love witnessing small victories occur on the mats of my students.