Katie Mlod

As a teacher, I want to be able to make people feel how Sonja made me feel when I first started practicing yoga in her classes — special, acknowledged, and worthy.

Before Yoga

I really thought that yoga was just an easy exercise program. I came to a class because I was tired of my knees hurting from running and I wanted a low-impact exercise to try. I couldn’t have been more wrong on so many levels. 

Before I started practicing yoga, I knew there were things I didn’t like about myself very much — I was opinionated, bossy, controlling... you get the picture. This led to problems in my relationships with others. When I committed to getting on my mat as much as possible, I not only grew stronger physically, but internally as well. I learned to listen to others, to be okay with someone else’s choices, and to stop trying to control every outcome. At the same time, I’m also learning to accept and love myself for who I am and not let those people who have pushed my buttons for years to continue to do so. Yoga has given me strength, self-respect, and confidence. Am I still bossy? Sure. But I hope I’m using that trait more for good nowadays. 

The Mental Benefits

I love mantras and memorizing the Sanskrit words. I’m committed to my Ashtanga practice and growing on my mat as much as I can. The neurological effects of yoga (particularly restorative) are fascinating — I’m working on breaking it down so that I can help people understand what yoga does for the brain in the long term.

Teaching to Learn

I find inspiration in everyone that walks through the door of Kai Studio. I love hearing the stories of what brought someone to us and why they love yoga. Many of my students are women who are living beautiful, full, rich lives and have so much to teach me. I love learning from their experiences as women and yoginis (yogis for men) and sharing our time on the mat together.



  • Sonja Ostendorf

Trained Under

  • Elinore Cohen
  • David Keil
  • Greg Nardi 

Credentials RYT 200, Kai School of Yoga, Yoga for Classrooms

Started Practicing Yoga in 2013

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