Paige teaches Yin for now!

Paige Bonner


In the process of trying to conquer the world.... yoga found me. It showed up in all of its generosity and put me in check. You see I had a stereotype and a label for yoga. I thought I would be learning the art of contouring my body into these unimaginable shapes and become super flexible.


What I learned instead was how to recognize emotion. We all need a little something to guide us in critical times. None of us are taught how to hold discomfort or communicate it. Yoga is teaching me how to sit in uncomfortable circumstances. In the meantime I'm stronger, more stable, focused. I've improved my balance and strengthened my immune system. Indeed I'm much more flexible. Most importantly I live a richer life.


I teach to inspire those who are curious about themselves and their capabilities. The thing I most love about yoga is its ability to change people. To teach love over fear. It's an ongoing journey with no endgame. That's the beauty and power of yoga. My intention is to articulate the practice as it comes. Whatever that may bring with it is welcome. My students are my teachers and have embraced my creativity and been the most loving part of this process. I'm forever thankful.