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Breaking Old Emotional Patterns

You've made some changes, planted new seeds... but some of the same old weeds seem to still grow in your garden of life... how do we break these patterns? How do we get out of the emotional cycle that seems to spin us round and round until we're ready to give up?

Are you ready to break unwanted patterns and emotional cycles that make you feel out of control? Patterns that hold you back from being all you've been created to be?

Have you begun to notice the same emotional triggers arise when doing (or NOT being able to do) a certain pose? Or maybe for you, it's a negative emotion when a certain someone walks into the room, or a topic of conversation is started, and you begin to feel your mood shift in an uncontrollable manner.

Most likely, these incidents are triggering an emotional response that has its origins when you were very young and didn’t have the capability to deal with them in a healthy manner. We learn to avoid pain. We have developed mechanisms that seem to “work” for us to avoid the pain, but works against us. Instead of dealing with what is causing the discomfort, we hide it away in our psyche. It is our mind and bodies' way of preserving itself and dealing with internal conflict. Unfortunately, it creates more havoc and pain.

So what to do?

In this Intro discussion, we will learn a simple process (meditation and/or prayer) that will provide you with the tools to dig up these old emotional wounds that may be affecting you today. Not only will we dig them up, but we'll also learn healthy ways to deal with them.

Teacher: Jän Ostendorf. Jän is a student of Dr. Ed M Smith “Healing Life’s Hurts” and Dr. Karl Lehman M.D., board certified psychiatrist.

The process is Christian-based.
Class Pass applies or $15 drop-in

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