You Decide Your Vibe!

Call it setting your intentions, call it the Law of Attraction, Call it reaping what you sow..... At Kai we don't care what you call it, we care about the end results. The summer of 2018 is dedicated to what vibe are you attracting in your life.

It takes 21 days to make something into a habit.

It takes 90 days to make that habit into a lifestyle.

There are 92 days in Kai's Summer 2018 Campaign.

So..... let's do this! Let's work together creating the lifestyle WE choose: WE DECIDE OUR VIBE!

What's our Agenda? Click the title for more info:

Attract Your Vibe Vision Board Workshop, June 1 

Happy Hour Apprentice Teacher Series:

July 6: Happy Hour with Mandy

July 13: Happy Hour with Jessica

July 20: Happy Hour with Lacie

July 27: Happy Hour with Tammy

August 3: Happy Hour with with Jessica

August 17: Happy Hour with Maren

August 24: Happy Hour with Caelan