Tammy Lake



As I was about to turn 40 yrs old, I took a good hard look at my life and knew that I would never see 50 without major changes. So I chose to have the most drastic type of weight loss surgery and over the next 3yrs , I lost 350 lbs. I became a first time mom at 45. I had a while new life ahead of me. But carrying that much weight in my past literally affected my present and would continue to affect my future. I needed total knee replacements (still do) and other health issues mean I tire easily and am not able to build up much stamina. I just wanted to be a good mom and live long enough to see my daughter grown.

I took another hard look at my life. I convinced my best friend to try an “intro to yoga” course with me because I was too insecure to go alone. I struggled to even get on the floor but at least there would be a friendly supportive face there. To my surprise and delight all the faces were friendly and supportive. My limitations didn't matter.


Yoga has been life changing for me, physically and mentally. I'm not the strongest yogi in the room, my yoga poses are not Instagram pretty. They are most often modified because I am not able to reach the full posture. And all that is absolutely OK!! Yoga has taught me that the strength and beauty of your yoga practice is in the perseverance, effort, and value that you put in yourself, not in the perfection that you think it should be. No matter your age or your physical abilities, it is never too late to find your own yoga practice. You just have to be brave enough to show up on your mat.


Having my limitations in my practice and still finding the fulfillment, purpose and benefits in my yoga practice are why I chose to teach.  For everyone out there who thinks yoga is beyond their abilities, I want to help them find the value and strength in their own practice and in themselves.