Tina Querry

I love to share my yoga passion with others and help others experience the mental and physical benefits that yoga provides.

Accidental Transformation

I personally discovered how yoga is therapeutic by accident — I started practicing yoga for the stretching benefits after experiencing a knee injury. By attending regular yoga classes, my life began to transform in areas I never expected. It was transformed beyond just the physical. I discovered the more yoga classes I took, the better I felt on the inside; I had more physical energy and emotional calmness.

Feeling Content Inside a Whirlwind

I’ve experienced many personal loses. I have directly seen the effects of anxiety, depression, and addiction on loved ones. I have witnessed how it tears families apart. In spite of all these negative emotional circumstances flowing around me, I still felt healthy and content. This is what inspired me to pursue teaching yoga. I want others to experience the mental and physical benefits that yoga provides. 

Nourishment to the Soul

Learning how the subtle body works fascinates me along with studying nutrition. Currently, I’m self studying Ayveredic Medicine and would like to work on a certification for Ayveredic Medicine and nutrition. 

I Didn't Need to be Good to Feel Great

I was hesitant to take my first yoga class because I expected to be in a room where everyone else knew what they were doing while I didn’t. It took me a couple classes to learn that I didn’t need to worry about feeling like I didn’t belong even if I couldn’t do some of the poses or touch my feet. I realized we were all at different levels and my teacher taught modifications and encouraged us to focus on ourselves and not to worry what was going on around us. This skill became more than a skill to use just on my mat, but off of it in the real world.

Inspiration All Around Us

Many of my students inspire me. Every class I teach, I’m inspired by the eagerness and commitment students have to practice and learn about their internal and external bodies. Yoga isn’t easy; it’s a greater challenge than most people understand. When a student is dedicated to keep practicing through a personal challenge, then I’m inspired and challenged to keep practicing myself.


  • Sonja Ostendorf
  • Melissa Herzog

Trained Under

  • Danielle Beradi Diamond, Xen Strength Yoga with Weights
  • David Keil, Yoga Anatomy
  • Yoga Dance, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
  • Elinore Cohen, Pure Flow Yoga Teacher Training
  • Pranic Healing Level 1


  • RYT 200, Yoga Loft of Dayto 
  • First Aide and CPR certified

Practicing Since 2011