William Hillman
AGE: 60
Home: New Carlisle
Time at Kai: 8 Months

Balance & Flexibility

What did you think about Yoga before you tried it?

“I took Bikram yoga in the north of Seattle for my first time many years ago. My experience wasn't the best; the heat of the room was too high and the practice was unforgiving. I had some barriers to overcome when it came to trying another Yoga studio again.”

What state (mind or health) were you in when you found Yoga?

“I had really bad balance and flexibility, honestly.”

How did it help you or what have you overcome through Yoga?

“Yes, Yoga has helped me. Yoga has improved my balance a little and my flexibility a lot.”

What surprised you about how Yoga helped?

“No. Nothing surprised me. Yoga benefited everything I thought it would. It's great.”

How does it continue to change your life for the better? 

“It helps me think clearer thoughts — I like what I learn form it.”

What brought you to the Kai Studio versus others?

“Jan told me all about it. She did the research and said ‘I think this might be a good place,’ so I agreed to come with her. We visited on a Saturday morning and met Sonja and her husband. They both made us feel so welcome and at home. They stopped what they were doing and gave us a tour and spent thirty minutes just answering our questions and making sure she found a class that was just right for us... a good place to start.”

Is there anything you enjoy most about the Kai Studio that keeps you returning?

“Hard question… I like the studios, the space overall, and the teachers. I think Alex is a really good teacher; loved the class she taught. The teachers are just great.”

What would you tell other couples about yoga and why you enjoy to do it with your spouse?

“It’s a really relaxing, fun and healthy thing for us to do together. All the classes go well, especially when I’m with Jan.”