Jan Hillman
AGE: 60
Home: New Carlisle
Time at Kai: 8 Months

A Shared Activity

What did you think about Yoga before you tried it?

Going back 43 years to 1972, “I thought it’d be a good way to make a mind-body connection. There wasn’t the internet, so I didn’t have any preconceived ideas.”

What state (mind or health) were you in when you found Yoga?

“I was struggling with a lot — stress at work. William had accepted a temporary position out West, so I was alone. I also had an intense job. Just… a lot on my plate.”

How did it help you or what have you overcome through Yoga?

“It helped me to find a better balance and relaxation. I think it’s helping me with that today. It also helps me to find greater peace. It helped me with breathing, balance (in life and physically).”

What surprised you about how Yoga helped?

“I suppose I sleep better when you do yoga. I would expect other benefits, but having better sleep really surprised me I think.”

How does it continue to change your life for the better?

“Not sweating the small stuff. Finding my zen. And I feel this wonderful sense of peace when I finish my [yoga] practice.”

What brought you to the Kai Studio versus others?

“I was web crawling and I wanted an experience close by. So I read the website, read the content, and what Sonja had on there really resonated with me and what I was looking for.”

Who came to yoga first, or both at the same time?

“William and I came together. We both shared a feeling of comfort here. I had been researching other yoga homes and I was trying to find a place that resonated with both of us.”

Is there anything you enjoy most about the Kai Studio that keeps you returning?

“When I met Sonja… it was just… I knew this is where I wanted to be. I went someplace else first and it just wasn’t good. I think it’s the vibe, the teachers, and the group energy. It wasn't inviting or caring.”

What would you tell other couples about yoga and why you enjoy to do it with your spouse?

“We love it as a shared activity. We talk about it beforehand, we talk about it after a class. We look forward to it together coming. I think a lot of it is about the anticipation of coming, the participation, and then the recollection of it. I find it very motivating to come to Kai for the group energy.”