Audra Worsham
AGE: 50
Home: Fairborn
Time at Kai: 2

Yoga is for Hippies

What did you think about yoga before you tried it?

“Truthfully, when yoga came to mind, I thought of the ‘70s hippies. I also thought I didn’t have the right body type to do yoga.”

What state (mind or health) were you in when you found yoga?

“I was looking for something to add to my regular workout routine. I worked out at the Base gym and realized I needed something else to balance it with.”

How did it help you or what have you overcome through yoga?

“Patience. It does not come quick, fast, or easy. For somebody who thinks they should be able to see it and look at it saying ‘That pose looks easy,’ and realize it isn’t, that teaches them patience. So it’s been a humbling experience for me.”

What surprised you about how yoga helped?

“It was nothing like I thought. It was challenging, but I was surprised that I could actually do it. It was attainable.”

How does yoga continue to change your life for the better?

“Again, I’d have to go with the patience and that’s because you learn to take things a little slower, breathe through things a lot more, and is this [situation] really worth getting upset over?”

What brought you to the Kai Studio versus others?

“I passed it everyday to and from work. And with [my husband] Tab’s prodding, he said, ‘Why don’t you just call and find out what it is?’”

Who came to yoga first, you or Tab?

“I came first and then I realized how much I enjoyed it; Tab was very much into the high impact/high velocity workouts. He became tight and when I told him to try and touch his toes and he could only reach his knees, I told him there was no option — that he was coming with me to yoga. Ever since then, he’s been coming with me and he really enjoys it.”

Is there anything you enjoy most about the Kai Studio that keeps you returning? 

“Sonja. I mean she’s… she’s very understanding of how the body works, especially with individuals. Because everybody is different and what I can do, somebody else can’t and vice versa. She shows you a path on how to get there.”

What would you tell other couples about yoga and why you enjoy to do it with your spouse?

“We look forward to coming here together to do a yoga class. During our downtime at the end of the practice during the final resting pose we usually hold hands. It’s our way of connecting and it’s nice. It’s our time to be together and it’s something we share.”