Cate Brinnon


I come from a family of very physically active people. Although I tried to be good at a sport, I was never really good ENOUGH. This did not mix well with my competitive personality.

Years later, I found my athletic self through lifting and teaching a number of fitness classes at our local Y. I had so many aches and pains from the stresses I was putting on my body and explored every avenue to heal short of surgery.


I giggle remembering my first real yoga class in college with a friend. The instructor told us to relax our pancreas. I could not stop laughing through what I now know was Savasana.

When I began to pursue a true physical yoga practice, the first thing I noticed was a reduction and eventual elimination of pain. The more I practiced and submitted myself to really learning about yoga (not just POWERING through), I noticed more subtle changes to my physical body and to my approach to life. Even my kids began to notice how their mom was less REACTIVE.


A common thread of my life is that of teaching, training and problem solving. I LOVE sharing knowledge. I feel yoga has given me so much and I LOVE sharing these gifts! Trained as an engineer, I am fascinated about how the anatomy, the mind and the spirit are so intricately interwoven! Yoga gives us all an infinite opportunity for self-discovery and for becoming our best selves. I simply want to encourage others as I have been encouraged