Jessica Deese



I dabbled a bit in yoga years ago. I felt a connection to it then, but I didn’t continue. Fast forward to 2014(ish), I had 2 new babies and was suffering greatly from C-PTSD. I was desperate for relief and despite trying all other avenues, such as medications, counseling etc., I couldn’t find it. I started doing some research and stumbled upon some evidence of yoga working in the treatment of PTSD, so I took that information and walked into the Ashtanga room at Kai. Little did I know what a transformational step I was taking.


I fell in love with the Ashtanga system of yoga. The focus and concentration, the linking of breath and movement, the routine and structure, and the meditative qualities of the practice drew me in. These are also the qualities that can change the pathways in the brain and regulate the nervous system response relating to trauma. Yoga has changed me from the inside out, calming the sensations and anxiety that I was suffering from, while providing me with the tools to do the inner work that needed to be done.  I found so much relief, that I decided to teach.


More than anything, I just want to help people. I want to give them the information, tools, and safe space that I wish I would’ve utilized 20 years ago to help calm and heal the body and mind. I have a special interest in using Ashtanga yoga as a tool for healing and working with trauma and addiction, and also working with kids and moms.