Wendy Willey



Yoga found me quite by accident when I accepted an invitation to join a friend for a yoga class at Kai. She explained we would be supporting a friend of hers who had just opened a yoga studio nearby. The first class, a Yin Yoga class, was fun and very relaxing. By the second class I was sold. It was evident that my years of back pain was improving dramatically, and I really enjoyed the practice. I was feeling huge relief; relief I had not experienced with other more traditional methods no matter how much time and effort I applied. I wanted to learn more! I started taking different kinds of classes and then signed up for teacher training for even more. Now I am teaching and meeting amazing people, still learning, and probably always will be.


Yoga places no demands or expectations, only your intention abounds. It can be done by anyone! This ancient practice has strength and grace, and it is no wonder it has proved the test of time. There are many types of yoga and there are always new things or layers to learn. 


I teach Yin Yoga, a mindful slow-paced practice consisting of holding seated postures with the intention of placing a gentle tug on the connective tissues of the body. This very subtle practice provides lubrication of the joints for greater flexibility, range of motion, and balance to the physical body. We also utilize the time in postures practicing breathing techniques that develop a self awareness, mindfulness, and peaceful calm.

I also teach Ashtanga Yoga which is a more active, faster paced practice, synchronizing breath and movement. Ashtanga can also incorporate modifications to make the practice accessible to every body. Everyone’s practice, although same intentions, is as different as the individual is different. The postures are taught and performed in a progressive sequence aimed to calm the mind as well as tone and detoxify the body.

I love learning new things and seem to be always looking for new aspects of my chosen practices to share with our Kai Community. Teaching yoga allows me to share my yoga journey with others and encourage others to follow their own paths. Whether these paths run parallel or intersect, it is inspiring to see the changes that evolve. By far, my favorite aspect is to see my student’s confidence soar with the smallest of changes, whether in mind, body, or spirit! One thing for sure, you meet the most wonderful people.