Tab Worsham
Age: 54
Home: Fairborn
Time at Kai: 2 Years

Sports Made Me Tight

What did you think about yoga before you tried it?

“I thought it was a sissy little thing that only women did. I thought it was just for the skinny, younger, and graceful women. When it came to me, I thought I was too much of a man (just the fact that I was a man) to do yoga. I didn’t think I’d fit in. I thought that class would be filled with the twenty-year-old super fit and skinny women; I thought I would feel uncomfortable or make them feel uncomfortable.”

What state (mind or health) were you in when you found yoga?

“Just… being limber; my flexibility was... non-existent. Sports made me tight. But with yoga, I still am able to play racquetball and golf.”

How did it help you or what have you overcome through yoga?

“I’m a hundred times more flexible now. My first [Standing] Forward Fold I mean… I could barely get my hands past my knees and now I’m almost flat handed to the floor. And you do judge yourself for not being able to do that, so I’m much better after coming here.”

What surprised you about how yoga helped?

“I was surprised that it’s a very good workout. My first post of Facebook before yoga was, ‘It’s just breathing and stretching, how hard can that be?’ But I was really whooped afterwards.”

How does yoga continue to change your life for the better?

“I’ve actually thought about this. I’ve had over 250 classes here and I can’t barely count on one hand the times I’ve come out of here and it hasn’t felt good. I almost feel euphoric afterwards.”

What brought you to the Kai Studio versus others?

“My wife, does that count? She really drug me out.”

Is there anything you enjoy most about the Kai Studio that keeps you returning?

“The instructors like Sonja (and even Jän). The help they give you is personal and this isn’t like… a “Nazi” yoga place. They tell you to do what you can do. I mean, they challenge you, but they don’t force you.”

What would you tell other couples about yoga and why you enjoy to do it with your spouse?

“The fact that I can do it with my wife. The fact that she’s more advanced than I am pushes me to do better. We support each other; she knows when I’m getting ready to do a pose that’s challenging to me and she’ll watch with encouragement and I’ll do the same for her. We have our whole routine here together and we know it isn’t a competition between us because we support each other’s successes.”